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In our laboratory we carry out a rigorous control where we chemically test samples of all productions according to what is required of us by our customers and their specifications. We also carry out several quality control tests, some of which we present below.

The Sewing Test concerns the behavior of fabric on sewing machines. Delicate fabrics will require round-tipped needles to keep from tearing the cloth. Some fabrics and knits curl so much when cut that they are impossible to use for edging, bias or piping finishes. Others require that the metal presser foot (the part that guides the cloth under the needle in sewing machines) be replaced with a Teflon presser foot or other similar attachable device.

It consists of scratching a square of approximately 50 cm and subjecting it to washing in a domestic machine and then proceeding to dry it also in the machine. After washing and drying, the square is measured to check if there has been any shrinkage and if there has been any fraying of the fabric. The percentages of dimensional variation are then considered in the development of the respective molds.

The dye fastness test is performed as follows: a piece of test fabric is sewn onto a white fabric and the sample is washed. This test aims to observe if there is pigment migration, that is, if the fabric releases ink to the point of staining the white fabric. This test is essential when you want to make pieces with parts of different colors.

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