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In the finishing phase, the revision is carried out, namely, the cutting of the excess lines existing in the pieces. This operation is generally carried out manually with the help of scissors.
However, it has been considerably reduced due to the introduction of cutting mechanisms in sewing machines during the manufacturing process.
The quality review consists of checking the technical specifications and the quality of the garment in order to detect possible anomalies. It is carried out on an appropriate table or on supports that allow a three-dimensional revision.
The inspection operation can, in any case, be carried out on the totality of the pieces or only on some selected at random (by sampling).
In the cleaning operation, any stains are removed. This operation is normally carried out at the cleaning station with water and other solvents.
The manufactured pieces are folded according to the order or customer's specifications.
They are then labeled with an indication of the brand and size and packed/bagged according to previous specifications, thus concluding the entire production process.

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